Goal- Create an app to create togetherness and adhere to the Covid safety measures.
My Role- I did everything!
Impact- 'Fun in Covid' could help educate users and stop them from spreading Covid. The simplicity of this design serves to accommodate user's feelings of boredom and frustration.​​​​​​​
The Process: ​​​​​​​
Field Test: 
Passively observed young people's frustration with Covid. Insights: Common actions included breaking Covid protocol for social purposes or being lonely while adhering to Covid protocol. 
Wireframes of 3 tasks:
First page the user sees
First page the user sees
General ideas of things to do
General ideas of things to do
Specific ideas of things to do
Specific ideas of things to do
Low-fidelity Prototype:
Low-fidelity Prototype Test:
Low-fidelity Prototype Responses:​​​​​​
Responses are categorized into successes and ways to improve.
After recieving the results, I created an empathy map to better understand users.
Data analysis: 
Severity ratings are based on the Nielsen-Norman scale- the high severity ratings are the most important problems to fix, and the low severity ratings are aspects that do not need revision. This highlighted what problems need to be fixed for the hi-fi prototype.  
The Final Product: 
High-fidelity Prototype:
'Fun in Covid' automatically locates users and they manually input group size. I used a fun font and an icon to catch the attention of a younger audience.
'Fun in Covid' offers novel things to do based on the user's location. Precautions buttons are included on multiple screens in case users need a reminder.
'More Information' links to 3rd party software. Icons and graphics are included for accessibility purposes.
Usability testing the lo-fi prototype via zoom screen-share was tricky, so results may be skewed. To prevent skewed results in future designs, I could perform the scientific method, used in research Psychology, to do more thorough usability testing. 
Lessons Learned:
'You are not your user'!  I learned to put myself in my user's shoes during the design process. If I were to improve 'Fun in Covid', I would continue to refine the filter feature. For example, I could add a filter for 'Restaurants'.​​​​​​​
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