My well-being was not where I wanted it to be. 
A therapist would have suggested for me to process my feelings and reach out. I adhered to this suggestion, but used iterative design. 
A bit of background- In UX design, iterative design is a cyclical process of ideation, prototyping, building, and analysis. As the process goes on, refinements are made.
So, I decided to use iterative design to improve my mental health.
How can I achieve my ambitions while enjoying life?
I want to manage my health so I can do these things 
I will try to make some kind of system to help me get there
Iterative design!

Initial Prototype:
Less screen-time 

Test Procedure: 
Use these methods for ~3 weeks and record observations. 
Test Results Analysis:
These methods didn't create much of a difference 
I missed design! (Time for design was cut off due to less screen-time)

Prototype #2 (based on analysis):
Self care
Express feelings
Keep doing design!

Test Procedure: 
Use these methods for ~3 weeks and record observations. 
Test Results Analysis: 
There have been positive changes but they are not consistent
Will stick with Prototype #2 for longer to record more thorough analyses. 
Just like the concept of  iterative design is a constant, seemingly never-ending process, improving my mental health is the same way. And I know I'm not alone- countless others struggle with mental health. 
Next Steps:
My next steps are to design a way for others to improve their mental health using iterative design. I understand that many do not have access to resources that I possess (such as healthy food and outlets for self expression). Therefore, throughout the duration of the project, I will focus on accessibility and a tightly monitored usage of resources. I am currently in the prototyping phase. Stay tuned!
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